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Mental training
Why me?

Mental training cannot be explained logically or rationally. Mental training has to be experienced personally, you have to feel it, you need have to participated once.

My previous career has brought me into contact with many people, starting as “the boss” and swiftly developing into an accepted executive.
I have travelled a lot of different countries.

Further education was never only a vocational goal for me. Privately I read a lot and use the Internet for my investigations. I have an open mind for all available opportunities in the real and virtual world.

I am convinced that everyone can grow beyond their settled life, if they simply use their potential.

We do not have the time to wait for someone to help us.

After years of monotone industrial work, there are different skills sets required for future business.

We have to extend our horizon, more swiftly than ever. “Commerce means changing” and not only in business.

Extend your possibilities, use your full potential. Through using mental techniques, realize what you are able to do or be.

Anke Schiffler

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“It is difficult, to deceive people,
as soon as they know their way .”

Alfred Polgar