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In my personal training we are dealing purposefully with your problems and goals, by using mental techniques. Here it is of no concern "why" or "how come", but "how to solve" and "where to go". In mental training we work on your future and not on your past. (no psychoanalysis or psychotherapy)

I will be your coach, teaching you the techniques and controlling them. You will do the training on your own and become the master of your personality.

We will work with these mental techniques to let your personal problems disappear, to find out “what” your goals are and “how” you can achieve them. The period of the training can be individually specified.
    1. 1 day training
    2. 1 week training
    3. 1 month training

A training period over several days, (production, tour-attendance, preparation to a speech or deal,…)should be arranged 4 weeks in advance.

Make a difference, use all of your potential!

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Personal training
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“You can't dig a different hole by digging the same one deeper.“

Edward de Bono