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Mental training

Public training day

Singles registration 159,00 Euro*
registration with 2 participants 139,00 Euro*
registration with 4 participants 129,00 Euro*
registration with 10 participants 109,00 Euro*

After seminar participation, you can repeat our training day for the current fee of 59,00 Euro as
often as you like. This amount is null and void with the registration of a new participant!

Company training day

2 hour unit 1.500,00 Euro**
4 hour unit 2.000,00 Euro**
8 hour unit 3.000,00 Euro**
1,5 day unit 4.500,00 Euro**
2 day unit 5.000,00 Euro**
Personality training
Company training
Personal trainig
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*All prices are valid per person and includes the legally valid value added tax.

**To all prices the legally valid value added tax and expenses should be added. The organizing business provides premises.