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Mental training

Welcome to my Homepage

Here, I would like to give you a short insight into the possibilities and the benefits of Mental training.

If you want to focus like a top-athlete on his goal;- and there is a technique, that is so simple, that it can be used by everyone;- would you not wish to master this technique?!

Nowadays mental training is essential for those, who want to develop in life. Since most people do not anticipate, what kind of possibilities their brain offers , mental training is a training for everybody.

In sport, in politics and in economy a lot of people use the mentaltraining to be more successful and to, e.g. to have a lasting effect against the burnout-syndrom.


“That’s not working!”; “Everything is so terrible!”; “We have never done it this way!”; do you recognize these phrases, - self-fulfilling prophecies. Pay attention to your thinking, your thoughts will become real, in the positive way and even in the negative way. Start from today on, to think about what you want and not about what you do not want.

Even in medicine they know, that our physical health is partly based on our mental state of mind. Fear, stress and the way we deal with it, inhibit our ability. If fear, envy, anger, hate and rage arise in our brain, it will lead you into diseases and premature aging. Positive thinking will support your immune system and your self healing forces get activated.

With the mental techniques you erase your negative thoughts out of your subconsciousness. Mental training can be called “ practical hygiene of thinking” or “final thinking”. You expand your consciousness to realize all the possibilities life is offering you and thus you can use them.

Problems will become opportunities – Goals will become challenges.

You will see your future more confident and easy going, realizing you are the one who is creating it.

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“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse;
however, if I treat you though you are what you are capable of becoming,
I help you become that.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe