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Mental training

Why personality training?

The 21. century is often called, the knowledge-century.
Only you choose, which knowledge you want to use in future.
“Selfness” instead of “Wellness””, which places a permanent benefit for the participant in the forefront.

With the mental techniques, you learn in the training, you can...

_ reduce stress, relax deeply and reinforce your immune system.
_ handle your “addictions and vices” in a more healthier way
_ regulate your weight and keep your dream body mass index
_ healthier (go to) sleep and rejuvenate your body over night.
_ handle your fears, defeats, inhibitions and temper (existential fears, fear of flying, fear of
   public speaking,...) more effective and accept problems to solve them quicker and more easier.
_ define your high goals in a more detailed fashion and visualize them as already achieved
_ learn easier and faster; Superlearning

After this training, your life will be much more relaxed and settled.
And you will achieve goals, that had previously been held impossible

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“Whoever furnishes his life so, that he never falls on the muzzle,
has to crawl only on his stomach..."

Heinz Riesenhuber (former minister of science and development in Germany)