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Mental training
Personal Mental Training

What you get in a day:
_ Analysis on the way we think
_ The mental technique to relax in minutes
_ Details on how men, women and kids are thinking
_ The mental technique to set your goal
_ Affirmations for a growing wealth
_ The 3 finger technique to use for quick solutions
_ Your personal training document

What you get more in a week:
_ Individual daytime coaching (I will be your shadow, following you almost everywhere.)
_ Analysis of the daytime ups and downs, if wanted
_ Support and help in communication (if necessary)
_ The mental technique to a healthier sleep, wake up and stay awake (if needed)
_ The mental technique to solve personal problems
_ The mental technique to renew your energy everywhere and everytime in minutes
_ Your own mental training space and your own brain trust
_ Most important of all: 100% secrecy, even to those close to you.

What you get more in a month:
_ Check up on your horoscopes ascendant, if you do not know.
_ Check up on your personal numerology
_ Your personal enneagramm (the 9 faces of your soul)

What I need from you for 1 day:
_ To be open minded and open hearted
_ Your time from 09.00a.m. until 07.00p.m.
_ A place where we can do the training, without being interupted by people, phone or
   other things

What I need for more than a day:
_ One start up day, to find out about our chemistry.
_ The payment will be included, if we decide to go for a week or more.
_ A nearby place to stay (A hotel, even though your guestroom would be perfect)
_ A contract that says, that you have to pay the hole amount of money even if you cancel
   earlier. So you better be certain, if you want to hear what I am up to tell you

Price list

_ 1 Day 1.500,- €*
_ 1 Week (5 days) 5.000,- €*
_ 1 Month (25 days) on request*

* All prices are valid per person. To all prices the legally valid value added tax and expenses should be added. You provide premisses and catering.

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„If you built castles in the air, your work should not be looked at as useless. Castles in the air belong into the air. Now it is your task to built the fundament underneath.“

Matthias Horx, Zukunftsforscher